Tafseer Juz’ Thariyaat

Explanation of Quran Part 27: Juz’ Thaariyaat of the Great Scholar, Shaykh Ibn Al-Uthaymeen

Read by Moosaa Richardson Saturdays @ 7:20pm (KSA)

Juz’ Thaariyaat comprises of Surahs Thariyaat (#51) to Al-Hadeed (#57). The lessons include a complete explanation of Surah Thaariyaat, Surah at-Toor, Surah an-Najm, and Surah Al-Qamar according to the schedule (in shaa’ Allah). 

The book of Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen is read phrase by phrase, in Arabic, and then translated into clear English.  The aim is two-fold: to study a great book in Tafseer and to improve our Arabic.  We ask Allah for success.

- Moosaa Richardson

Tafseer Juz’ Thariyaat – Surah 51 Thariyaat

Miraath Publications - Tafseer Ath-Thaariyaat - Moosaa Richardson 13.05.2013

Tafseer Juz’ Thariyaat – Surah 52 At-Toor

Miraath Publications - Tafseer At-Toor - Moosaa Richardson 15.07.2013

Tafseer Juz’ Thariyaat – Surah 53 An-Najm

Miraath Publications - Tafseer An-Najm - Moosaa Richardson 08.02.2014

Tafseer Juz’ Thariyaat – Surah 54 Al-Qamar

Miraath Publications - Tafseer Al-Qamar - Moosaa Richardson 23.08.2014

Muqadamat Usool at-Tafseer

Miraath Publications- Usool at-Tafseer of Ibn Taymiyyah - Moosaa Richardson

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